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Survivalism: when you want to get serious about the outdoors

For some, the outdoors is a place for exercise, for others it is a place for recreation. There is a movement taking the outdoors way more seriously however. Its members go further than a simple one-week camping trip, no, these people want to be prepared to survive in the wilderness indefinitely. This is the survivalism movement. Originally born out of fear of full societal collapse during the cold war, survivalists want to be able to live life with nothing more than a tent, and whatever they can carry in their clothing TF.

Why would one even want to be a survivalist?

To some, full societal collapse might feel quite far-fetched: It’s not like everything will be gone all out of the sudden right? While it is true that some survivalists believe that a full societal collapse is just around the corner, most actually believe that society will be fine for the foreseeable future. They just want the piece of mind that they will be fine in case society does collapse. At first glance you might feel like all the preparations of survivalists are a bit excessive, but think about it: back at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, when all the panic-buying was going on, were you truly never afraid of the future?

The resurrection of the survivalism movement

The survivalism movement had died down a little when the effects of the 2007-2008 financial crisis had subsided. In 2020 however, the entire world was shook by a new major crisis: The Covid-19 pandemic. As the world started grinding to a halt and borders were closed a lot of people started to wonder: “What if this doesn’t go away?” Some quenched their worries by buying a decades’ worth of toilet paper; others started looking elsewhere: they wanted to be able to survive no matter what. If this disease never went away and the world economy would be gone forever they wanted to be able to survive. While Covid-19 is now mostly gone these new survivalists are still there, and even if there will never be full societal collapse, at least it can be a fun hobby.